APCOR R&M Activities

What we do best

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Intrauterine & Vaginal Drug Delivery

Research, development and manufacturing of biomedical and pharmaceutical applications, specializing in intrauterine and vaginal drug delivery systems. APCOR R&M uses cutting edge technologies and materials to develop new drug delivery systems.

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Contract Research & Manufacturing

Leveraging our extensive knowhow and knowledge in the field of intrauterine and vaginal drug delivery parmaceuticals and materials, we help our partners in developing new and innovative controlled release systems or improve existing release systems.

Our Customers

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Looking for the appropriate skills, knowhow and equipment to innovate in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sector? APCOR R&M can provide all of these and help build the future of controlled release systems for intrauterine and vaginal drug delivery.

Our Skillset

Partnering with APCOR R&M provides your company with expertise in:

  •  Technology
  •  Compound Materials
  •  Design
  •  Pharmaceuticals
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Intrauterine Drug Delivery

Knowledge and Knowhow

Meet our team-members

Dr. Dirk
Wildemeersch †

Dr. Wildemeersch developed GyneFIX, the first non-hormonal frameless IUD.

Dr. Wildemeersch continued working on new intrauterine approaches and treatment systems based on polymeric drug delivery. In 2008, he was honored the degree of Doctor in Medical Sciences for his work on intrauterine delivery of hormones suitable for contraception and gynecological treatment.

Unfortunately Dr. Wildemeersch passed away November 2018. As founder of APCOR R&M this loss came as a shock. His knowledge and research is continued by APCOR R&M in memory of this visionary ahead of his time.

Dr. Kristof

Dr. Kristof Callewaert graduated as Chemical Engineer in Plastics Technology (1997, Hogeschool Gent), to proceed with a Master in Chemistry, a Ph.D in Polymer Chemistry (2003, Ghent University) and post-doctoral experience at UCLA (2004).

He started his professional career as a consultant for Flanders Plastics Center handling material issues and formulations. Additionally, he was project manager for both SME’s and multinational corporations, responsible for R&D and business development.

He is also member of the research group of Prof. Wim Thielemans at the University of Leuven (KULAK), developing sustainable and innovative materials.

Dr. John

Dr. John A. Ziemniak, PhD (Philadelphia, USA) established Gwynedd Pharmaceutical Consultants (GPC) which specializes in providing technical and scientific consulting services to pharmaceutical, medical and dental industries.

GPC, Inc. has extensive industrial experience on various aspects of drug development having participated in the filing of over 15 NDA’s and their commercializations worldwide.

GPC, Inc. is focused on providing its clients with the best managerial and technical leadership available in order to insure success of the project.